Soros predicted the fall of the pound by 20% in case of withdrawal of Britain from the EU

American billionaire George Soros, who in 1992, at the fall of the pound during Black Wednesday,” believes that British exit from the EU will lead to even more serious drop in the pound. Such a forecast, the billionaire shared in the column, published in the newspaper The Guardian.

“I expect that this devaluation will be stronger and more destructive than the 15% fall that occurred in September 1992 when I was lucky enough to gain a substantial profit for their hedge funds”, – he said.

He predicted that Britain would vote for exit from the EU, the pound will fall at least 15% and possibly more than 20% from its current level of $1.46 to below $ 1,15.

“If the pound falls to this level, ironically, one pound will cost about one Euro — a kind of “joining the Euro”, which no-one in Britain would not” – said the billionaire.

The referendum on withdrawal of Britain from the EU will be held next Thursday, June 23. So the decision was made for him to vote more than half took part. The latest survey conducted by the company Survation, shows that the UK’s exit from the EU are 42% of the population, as against 45%.