The rest of the competition: how the authorities will prevent the tragedy at summer camps

To blame the trainers

The tragedy in Karelia on the lake Syamozero, where the storm killed 15 children who went camping on boats and raft, provoked a national check of children’s camps and recreation centers. On the inspection of the camps Monday, June 20, said Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets, who oversees social policy. As told a source in the government on a special conference call with the regions, Golodets urged to check in the first place and qualified staff of children’s camps.

On the collapse of two boats and raft, on which 51 people (47 students from the camp and four counselors) went rafting on the Syamozero last Saturday, it became known on Sunday, June 19. Search and rescue operation began only after 20 hours after the children were in the water. MOE said that to promptly report the incident to rescue the band members are unable for wetted means. Upon the death of children was a criminal case, police detained the Director to organize the rest of OOO “Park-hotel “Sjamozero” Elena Reshetova, her Deputy, Vadim Vinogradov, as well as being with children instructors Regina Ivanova, Lyudmila and Valery Vasiliev Krupoderova.

“We [the staff] had prepared — where are they? Why leaders put their children in such a campaign? To check the qualifications of the instructors: any instructor may not take the child, violated all the safety rules, even without the Investigative Committee is known today,” said Golodets at the meeting (quoted by “Interfax”). In addition to officials of regional administrations participated in the meeting representatives of the Ministry of labour and social protection (mintrud) and MOE.

To check children’s recreation camps will be regional authorities with representatives of Rospotrebnadzor, EMERCOM, and the Ministry of education. Experts of the Ministry of education connects to the checks, since we are talking about qualification and competence of instructors and counselors, suggested the source . In addition to staff development and the availability of officials and inspectors will check compliance by the camps rules, spelled out in the programs on risky types of tourism: Hiking, rafting, climbing, rafting, etc., added the source in the government.

By Monday evening it was the incompetence of the staff of the camp was seen as the main cause of the tragedy. As told on the eve of the TV correspondent of the newspaper “Petrozavodsk says Olga Mameeva, not all children had life vests, but the counselors did not notify the MOE plans to organize rafting on the lake. Students who died while rafting in Karelia, independently brought to the campaign, the Deputy Director of camp “the Park hotel “Syamozero”, reported on Monday the press service of the Ombudsman for children Pavel Astakhov with reference to the children’s Ombudsman in Karelia Oksana Starshova. “The Director of the camp did not know about the output group for the route, despite a storm warning, the children themselves brought the Deputy Director of”, — stated in the message.

Amendments against dumping

According to the government, annually in Russia, rest 8.5 million children, about 1 million annually to go Hiking. There are about 50 thousand of camps and lodges, 40 thousand from them — with day stay, 7 thousand camps, 2.5 million country camps and 706 camps and resorts. “The concern is it is country and tent camp there, it turns out, 9,5 thousand That they will be checked in the first place,” said a government source.

A government source noted that most of the questions officials call private camps, which include “the Park hotel “Syamozero”. “Often, these camps receive contracts for only one reason: the price of performance of the contract are too low,” says the source. He calls this scheme of obtaining the contract “dumping”, and as a result due to too low prices at the camps there is no money for hiring effective staff. “Due to the fact that prices rose, many skimp on workers, including instructors and conductors, which leads to such situations” — according to a member of the Public chamber Elena sutormina. It is necessary to introduce a bill on licensing of guides and instructors who will eliminate the security problems residing in the camps, she said.

“Syamozero” received contracts from the Department of labor and social protection of population of Moscow, in particular, one of these contracts and was organized holidays for groups of school children, among whom were dead. According to the website of public procurement, in 2014, “the Park hotel “Syamozero” received from Moscow officials, seven contracts in the amount of 108.7 million rubles, the contract Price in most auctions were only 1% below the starting.

At these auctions the “Syamozero” virtually no competitors, and for three years, the company has never lost to in any competition. In the latest tender for 1478 trips involved two companies, the card of the competition, but the evaluation procedures “second parts of the bids” came only “Park hotel”, and the name of the second applicant is currently unavailable. In five previous competitions, held in 2014-2015, the permanent opponent “Syamozero” was Petrozavodsk, OOO (Karelia Open belonging to Fox (despite the fact that the owner of the “Park hotel” Elena Reshetova owns almost the same name, OOO Kareliaopen”). In three contests these two companies were the only parties and every time they showed the same behavior: “Karelia-Open” has offered to provide services at a price 0.5% lower than the opening, and “the Park hotel “Syamozero” — on 1% and won. None of the tender Karelia Open not won, and apart from “the Park Hotel” for sale she did not. Lisin and Reshetova can be associated — according to SPARK, in the summer of 2011 Reshetova sold Lisina “Hotel Gandvik, was in Karelian Belomorsk. Company “Karelia-Open the Fox and Kareliaopen Reshetovaa registered at the same address — at Volodarskogo street 24 in Petrozavodsk. A request to the Department of protection of the population remained unanswered.

If two companies go to tender in the pair, for all customers it is clear that they are affiliated, and FAS is a sign to them to understand, emphasizes the Executive Director of consulting company “Bureau of contract information,” Olga Anchishkin. “The purchase took place as an auction, where the main criterion was the price. So purchased sausage, cheese and matches, and the children’s summer vacation should be bought at tenders with limited participation, ” she said. — Organizers should make reputational requirements to the participants to look at their experience.”

After such resonant incident Antimonopoly service simply has to check the auction took place, agree the Deputy Director of “transparency international — Russia” Ilya Shumanov. “The company [“the Park hotel “Syamozero”] was at least not entirely good, it has a very large number of lawsuits and fines, it is known that the defendant in 93 cases, ” he adds. Perhaps in competitions on the organization of rest of children shouldn’t be in company with such a tarnished reputation”. According to SPARK, 2013-2016 “Syamozero” was a defendant in 26 of the arbitration cases the company makes a claim in the amount of 6.4 million rubles In turn, the plaintiff “Park hotel” was for 14 arbitration cases in the amount of 1 million rubles.

In a press-service FAS said that in procurement there are signs of cartel and the Agency is now conducting on them an inspection.

LLC “Park hotel “Syamozero” is registered in Petrozavodsk in November 2007. Its owner and Director Elena Reshetova also owns three more companies of the Karelian — OOO Kareliaopen”, “White nights” and health-center “Syamozero”. While Reshetova, according to Spark, the Moscow INN. “The Park hotel “Syamozero” — the most profitable company entrepreneurs. In 2014, revenues amounted to RUB 30.2 million, and net profit to 9.2 mln RUB Revenue Kareliaopen” — 4.9 million with net profit of RUB 400 thousand roubles, and SANATORNO-improving centre “Syamozero” received an income of 3.4 million rubles., but has been unprofitable (0,7 million roubles). Financial performance “the White nights” (was a restaurant) were not disclosed.

In addition to contracts with the city officials in “the Park hotel “Syamozero” was the contract with the health Ministry of Karelia and Ministry of social development in Murmansk region. The camp worked year-round. In 2011, according to the public procurement, the camp had to provide 5885 children’s trips to shift 14-21 days totaling 142,2 mln., of which 4111 — Moscow schoolchildren (total amount of contracts of 108.7 million rubles). For most of the contracts were provided vouchers for children in “difficult situations” and “in need of social services.

To combat the dumping on the market of children’s tourism, the government intends to draft amendments to the procurement legislation, says a government source. The amendments will concern rules of tendering to conduct children’s activities: they will be conducted not on the principle of the auction (the winner is the organization, which offered a lower price), but on the principle of competition with multiple selection criteria, the source said . This, he explains, will be done to ensure that officials could verify the camp is ready to accept children, whether they claim on the part of regulatory bodies, etc. To the officials who do not look for opportunities in the camps, and concentrate on price, the government also have a claim, which the Cabinet hope to address amendments to the procurement law.

Claims against the organization of children’s leisure officials have TFR. On Monday, investigators raided the office of Rospotrebnadzor in the Republic of Karelia and the offices of the Department of labour and social protection of Moscow, the official representative of Department Vladimir Markin. In the Karelian office of Rospotrebnadzor, in his words, seized “interest documents”. Investigators intend to check the activities of officials, who oversaw the organization of children’s rest and figure out how to operated the camp as preparations were made for the campaign, what was the quality of trainers, etc., said Markin.

On the eve of the first Deputy head of the Moscow Department of social protection Olga Grachev has expressed in conversation with a willingness to test RCDS. “Let [TFR] are checking, we have all the information in order, all documents are in order,” she said. Monday to get a comment from Gracheva failed to request the Department did not respond.

Check without consequences

Camp “the Park hotel “Syamozero” is often checked by regulators, finding all sorts of violations. According to SPARK, in 2013 the company was held on 19 inspections by the labor Agency, Rosselkhoznadzor, Rospotrebnadzor, Ministry of environment, Ministry of health, Ministry of emergency situations. Last inspection of MES and Fes was in 2015, and other agencies visited the camp in 2016. Most of the audits were planned, and only the CPS had three unscheduled visit in 2015. According to SPARK, then, the Agency found five violations, but they are all linked with domestic issues and are not related to security in the campaigns. According to SPARK, was not performed disinfection activities medkniga some employees not discovered information about the passage of medical examination and vaccination, children three teams were taken to the camp without the required medical examinations, and the third dish on the dining room menu did not correspond to technical regulations.

Last check of the camp, according to SPARK, was carried out by the Rospotrebnadzor administration in June 2016. Validation data is not published, the head of the press service of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Brycheva at the time of writing to talk about the audit refused. The interlocutor in the government stresses that the check of Rospotrebnadzor has established that the camp “the Park hotel “Syamozero” had no right to organize children’s hikes and rafting on the lake. “There is an obvious violation,” — said the source. However, in the last contract the city authorities with the administration of the Park hotel “Syamozero” says that in the camp they will learn to manage the raft and canoe, extreme swimming, survival and risk training.

The official representative of the Prosecutor General Aleksandr Kurennoy said that the Supervisory authority checks the camp on the Syamozero. “The Prosecutor’s office checks traditionally places of rest of children and teenagers before the summer season,” said Kurennoy. What the outcome of inspections of camps, he told me. Assistant Prosecutor of Karelia on organizational issues and monitoring the execution of Evgeny Andreev explained that the test “the Park hotel “Syamozero” dealt mainly with observance sanitary-epidemiological norms. Had the Supervisory authority checks the organization of children’s rest, Andreev could not tell.

None of the regulatory agencies (Prosecutor’s office of Karelia, the CPS) did not answer the question about whether there was their check on the complaints of parents of children who had a rest in “the Park hotel “Syamozero”. As reported by “Fontanka.<url>” on Monday complaints in the Karelian camp was massive.

With the participation of Marina Starodubtseva