The state Duma has extended the powers of the national guard

The state Duma in the second reading of the bill on the formation of national guard troops (Regardie) expanded the list of powers of the service.

The bill passed by the votes of the “United Russia”, LDPR and “Fair Russia” Voted 338 out of 450 MPs, against 2 people. Do not vote Communist faction. However during consideration of the bill at the Council meeting the discussion was not — was only the speaker.

According to the first edition of the bill introduced on April 5 by President Vladimir Putin, national guard soldiers can use firearms, physical force, non-lethal weapons and armored vehicles. In addition, the soldiers of Regardie can detain citizens for no more than three hours to penetrate into the home and dwelling to rescue the citizens or to detain criminals.

Shoot in the crowd and in the colonies

The second reading deputies have made amendments, which allowed the soldiers of the Agency to use the weapon in the crowd. In submitted by the President the bill it was said that the national guard “it is prohibited to use a firearm… at a large gathering of citizens if as a result of its application can suffer random person.” For the second reading the deputies said that the limitation shall not apply in the event of a terrorist attack, the release of the hostages, reflection group or armed attack on important state facilities and special cargoes, structures on communications protected by the troops of the national guard in military camps.
Thus, the new amendments call Resguardo with the FSB. The state Duma has allowed the security services to use weapons in the crowd under similar circumstances. In the first edition of the law Regardie such authority had not.

In addition, the Federal service of national guard troops will be able to use weapons to release hostages, to prevent the escape and arrest persons who have committed grave or particularly grave crime. Troops of Regardie allowed to shoot in the air, signaling the alarm. In addition, the Agency will be able to use weapons to repel the attack of military vehicles, aircraft and ships.

The amendments to the bill adopted in the second reading, also pointed out that the employees of Regardie can suppress riots and rebellions in the colonies. Initially the troops of the new Agency could block the area to prevent mass disorders and to apply special means, including physical force, to disperse the demonstrators. Earlier, Interior Ministry troops could help the FPS in the suppression of revolts in the colonies. The taking of such item is the responsibility of Regardie were not included.

Military ranks and licenses

As amended during the discussion, military and special ranks assigned to 5 April 2016 will be transferred to a military rank, without retesting. Vice Chairman of the security Council of the State Duma Ernest Valeev has confirmed that the special ranks of internal Affairs bodies go into the military. Rated qualifications will also remain with the recipient without further discussion.

According to the head of the Moscow trade Union of police Michael Pashkina there are certain issues with the presentation titles. “For example, a person who served in the private security and had the captain is unlikely to be equal to the position of captain of the Riot police,” — says Pashkin. He drew attention to the fact that the bill has not yet spelled out this issue.

The deputies proposed to keep in force all issued before 5 April 2016 a license for educational activities of military institutions of higher education, uchebnym units and centers. There will also be a valid license for medical and pharmaceutical activity connected with turnover of narcotic and psychotropic substances.

Control of the arms traffic by 2018 will be carried out by the police. During this time, according to deputies, should be formed by the territorial bodies of Regardie dealing with this issue.

Part of the Federal troops Regardie to include units of the internal troops of the MIA of Russia, special forces, OMON, SOBR. In addition, according to the presidential decree of 5 April 2016 in the office will go to the Center for special purpose rapid reaction force and aviation. Interior Ministry units, monitoring compliance with legislation in the sphere of turnover of weapon and private security, FGUP “Protection” and private security will also be included in Resguardo.