Bank through the court demanded from the Deputy of the state Duma almost $27 million

The Bank filed a lawsuit (have) on the recovery of a debt from Ildar won two awards Tushinskiy district court of Moscow. The Respondent acts as his assistant Sergei Govorukhin: they are a co-borrower on this loan, stated in the lawsuit. According to him, the borrowers have not made a single payment on the loan and the Bank demanded full early repayment.

“The Bank confirms the action proceedings in respect of, won two awards Ildar R”, — said the adviser predpravleniya Bank by assets Alexander Nagorny.

Agreement granting Samieva and Govorukhin loan of $6 million at 12% per annum for three years, the Bank entered into in April 2015.

Also, according to the suit of the Bank, Samiev and Govorukhin acted as guarantors for the loans of several companies. First, “District”, which the Bank in December last year issued a bridge loan for three months in the amount of RUB 561 million at 23% per annum. Secondly, “Bor”, which the Bank has issued bridge loans for a month to 211 million rubles at 23% per annum and RUB 388 million for three months at 23% per annum.

The company has not repaid the loans, so the Bank filed a lawsuit in Tushinsky district court of Moscow Ildar Samieva as guarantor by 1.4 billion rubles ($21 billion at current exchange rates).

Who is Ildar Samiyev

The Deputy from party “Fair Russia” Ildar Samiyev included in the state Duma Committee on land relations and construction. The newspaper “Vedomosti” reported that Samiev is a co-owner of the development company Optima Development. His partner is the former owner of a tobacco distributor albert Khudoyan.

Optima Development, and its shareholders are actively investing in real estate. In 2015 the company purchased the Department store “Moscow” on Leninsky Prospekt and was planning to invest in its reconstruction of about $60 million In early 2016, it became known that the company “Aviasiti” associated with the developer Hudojka won two awards and received the urban planning and land Commission to prepare project layout of the site close to Leningradsky Prospekt area of 39.2 hectares. According to “Vedomosti” on this site Optima can build 377 200 sqm of real estate: 250 000 square meters will have on housing and the rest commercial real estate and infrastructure.

Ildar Samiyev also invested in construction in Khamovniki, a luxury residential complex Knight Bridge (91,4 m), reported by “Kommersant”, citing a source among consultants commercial real estate. Plans Optima as the construction of shopping centers Oz Mall is 227 000 sq. m. Samiev, in partnership with Solomon and Roman Manashirov, according to the newspaper “Vedomosti”, the shopping center owned by Columbus with an area of 136 000 sq. m next to the metro station “Prague”.

Income statement

Last week, the court ruled (have) about the arrest of personal property, won two awards and Govorukhin. “In the framework of interim measures under the claim, the court seized the collateral and personal property of guarantors,” confirmed Alexander Nagorny from Rosinterbank.

Have won two awards, as specified in his Declaration of income for 2015, posted on the website of the state Duma, property ownership is only in the gratuitous use.

According to the Declaration samieva, the income of MP in 2015 amounted to 272.8 million rubles, of real estate or vehicles in the document no. Although in the report for 2014, published on the website of the state Duma, said that two years ago Samiev owned six land plots for individual housing construction (the total area of 5278 m) and one agricultural plot (362 sq. m.) as well as two houses and non-residential premises (183,4 sq. m) MP Income in 2014 amounted to 3.9 million rubles.

The court ruling contains information which does not correspond to data, specified in the Declaration for 2015. Samieva owns three houses (total area 376 sq. m) in the village of Barvikha, Odintsovo district of Moscow region and there are seven land plots (5640 square meters).

According to the database “SPARK-Interfax”, Samieva Ildar R the full namesake of the Deputy, now owns half of “Sunland” (purchase and sale of land. Previously the CEO of this company was Govorukhin, Sergei Mikhailovich, a full namesake of the Deputy assistant won two awards. Full namesake, won two awards, according to SPARK, also owns a third of the JSC “Treydkon” (real estate lease).

Ildar Samiyev not answered the questions referred to it through the reception in the state Duma. Sergei Govorukhin told on the phone that he has no time to talk.