In the United States decided to create a task force to counter Russian intelligence

As informs American edition BuzzFeed, the bill the Senate Committee proposed to create a group that includes employees of the State Department, intelligence officials and various officials. It will be collected once a month, and its task will be to “identify Russian spies, murder, committed on the instructions of the Russian authorities, as well as investigation of financing organizations operating in the interests of Moscow and opposition to Russian propaganda and falsehoods.

In addition, the document suggests that the FBI will have to study the routes of travel of Russian diplomats and to the notice of the Embassy staff if they are going to go more than 50 miles from his place of work. To date working in the United States diplomats had the right to travel freely within the country.

It is assumed that the consideration of the bill by the Senate will occur in July.

A group of specialists, whose task was precisely the confrontation the Russian intelligence service was created under Ronald Reagan in 1981. Basically she was exposing fakes created by the Soviet intelligence, as well as identifying organizations (like the world peace Council), acting, in the opinion of Americans, in the interests of Moscow. For the latest information about the work of the group date back to 1992, when the Soviet Union ceased to exist.