Moscow has lost 17 positions in the ranking of most expensive cities for expats

The depreciation of the Russian currency has led to the fact that Moscow dropped another 17 positions in the world ranking of cities by cost of living for foreigners, compiled by consulting company Mercer. Two years ago, prior to the fall in oil prices and the imposition of sanctions, the Russian capital has occupied 9-e a place.

Moscow remains the most expensive city in the region of Central and Eastern Europe for foreigners who receive a salary in relation to the dollar. It is followed by Istanbul (101-th place in the rating), Riga (114), Prague (124) and Bratislava (136). Petersburg retained the 152-d place last year, when he lost 117 positions.

The cost of living is also much reduced in Oslo (the city has moved from 38th to 59th place), reflecting a loss of purchasing power of the Norwegian Krone, are also dependent on energy prices. Some cheaper accommodation in London (17) and Birmingham (96), whereas the German city of Munich (77), Frankfurt (88) and Dusseldorf (107) rose in ranking.

In General, the cost of living in Europe has changed little due to the stability of the Euro. Positions retained Copenhagen (24), Paris (44), Milan (50) and Vienna (54).

The most expensive city in Mercer acknowledged Hong Kong, which was ousted from first place in the Angolan capital Luanda. The third and fourth positions retained Zurich and Singapore, and Tokyo was on the 5th place, up in the top ten in 11th. For the first time in the top-10 was the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo Kinshasa, who took sixth place.

The remaining places in the top ten ranked Shanghai (7) Geneva (8), n’djamena (9) and Beijing (10). The rating of the Kyrgyz Bishkek (207), South African Cape town (208) and the Namibian Windhoek (209).

City in the United States as a whole has risen in the ranking due to the strengthening of the dollar and the loss of positions of competitors in other regions. The most expensive us city was new York (11), followed by San Francisco (26) and Los Angeles (27). The cheapest U.S. cities for expats became Portland in Oregon (117) and Winston-seylem in North Carolina (147).

The top three most expensive cities in South America are as follows: Argentina Buenos Aires (41), Puerto Rican San Juan (67) and Sao Paulo (128), who is now 88 positions. The cheapest city recognized as the capital of Nicaragua is Managua (192), and Caracas were excluded from the rating due to the manipulation of exchange rate by the authorities.

As justification calculations Mercer gives comparative prices in the three cities. So, monthly rental two-bedroom garden apartment Unfurnished in a convenient part of Hong Kong cost an average of $6809 in new York it will cost $5100, and in London — $4583. While in Hong Kong cheaper food. Lunch with a hamburger there would cost $4,83, in London — $6,43, and $is 8.74 in new York.

Mercer notes that its rating is used by international companies and government agencies to calculate the amount of compensation for employees traveling on business trips abroad. As the base of the city used new York, and the rate is calculated in relation to the U.S. dollar.

The study was conducted in 375 cities worldwide. The rating measured the comparative cost of 200 items, which reflect the costs of housing, transport, food, clothing, household goods and leisure.