Russian hackers suspected in the attack on the Clinton Foundation

As reported by Bloomberg, citing its sources, the attack on the Clinton Foundation can be connected with hacker attacks on the website of the US Democratic party and the website of the campaign of Hillary Clinton. In this case, the Fund refused to comment regarding the incident.

Source Bloomberg also pointed out that over the past seven months, hackers stole data of about 4000 people, associated with American politics – party officials, lawyers, funds. The investigation of these attacks claimed the FBI, but so far investigators have not reported its findings. On the “Russian trace” in the attacks reported by the company Crowd Strike associated with the Democratic party.

The Agency notes that the aim of the latest attacks were the structures associated with Hillary Clinton, while information about attacks on the websites of the Republican party has not been received. Presidential candidate Donald trump, in turn, said that hacking attacks were a political ploy created by the Democrats.

14 June, the press Secretary of Vladimir Putin Dmitry Peskov has declared, that completely eliminates the involvement of governmental bodies of Russia to attack the site of the headquarters of the Democratic party.