The court will consider the question of PAROLE brother Navalny behind closed doors

The meeting, which will consider the petition of protection Oleg Navalny on parole, was closed from the audience, tell the lawyer Kirill Polozov. According to him, the judge of the court Uritskogo Orel region Tatiana Voronkova was transferred the hearing to the colony where the convict, because the court is now being renovated and is not possible to arrange video conferencing from a correctional institution. At the meeting will not be admitted to the relatives and reporters, because, according to the court, the prison staff are unable to ensure their safety, said Polozov.

As recalled Alexei Navalny, meetings. usually held in the open mode, as, for example, in the case of the defendants in the case “Oboronservis”.

The Zamoskvoretsky court of Moscow has sentenced Oleg Navalny to three and a half years in prison on charges of fraud and money laundering in the case of “Yves Rocher”. The sentence was handed down on 30 December 2014. His brother Alexey Navalny received the same period of probation. In conclusion Oleg Navalny has spent 18 months and received the right to apply for PAROLE.

In the Uritsky court on 15 June was fined a supporter of Navalny, the lawyer Vitaly Strokanov. He was detained at the building of the Federation Council and delivered in Oryol oblast, recalled Alexei Navalny. He stressed that at the moment in court no repair was carried out. Navalny believes that the trial was closed because the employees of the FSIN will have to publicly explain why Oleg Navalny is on strict conditions of detention, and how he got 17 penalties.

More than half of the penalties is October 2015, when the vacation was the head of the colony Lieutenant Colonel Yury Afanasiev, and the institution was “the young and the restless Deputy,” explained visited Navalny in the colony member of the Council on human rights Andrey Babushkin. As a result, the brother of the opposition leader was transferred to more restrictive conditions of detention.

About half of these penalties was abolished by court order and after complaints to the Prosecutor’s office, the lawyer said Polozov.

Oleg Navalny was also required urgent surgical intervention. To carry out the operation of the penal system and asked Ella Pamfilova, who served as the Commissioner for human rights. As said runners, and later the doctors came to the conclusion that surgery can be postponed, and to convict you need a permanent supervision of doctors.