The head of Mosoblispolkom resigned after scandals in the elections

The Chairman of election Committee of the Moscow region Irek Vildanov filed for early resignation, the Chairman of the Central election Commission, Ella Pamfilova. Recommendation to file Vildanova resignation was contained in the CEC draft resolution, which the Commission planned to endorse on Wednesday. But the Chairman of Mosoblispolkom did not wait for the adoption of the resolution. “This morning I had a conversation with Irek a Raisovich by Vildanova and he submitted the application about addition from itself powers” — has declared Pamfilova.

​​Claims to Villanova

Vildanov was the head of the Moscow electoral Commission since 2011, when the Governor was Boris Gromov. During his work in the suburbs were several scandalous election campaigns. Among pretense of the CEC to the suburban office — untimely response to identified infringements. In the period from 2013 to 2015, there were cases when were the bases for cancellation of decisions of election Committee of the Moscow region, stated in the draft resolution.

Check the CEC of the suburban committees began after the abolition of municipal elections in Balashikha. In this election, nominated the staff of the Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK) Alexei Navalny, they reported numerous violations, after which the majority of supporters of the opposition withdrew from the elections. On 20 April, the CEC has recommended to cancel the arranged the April 24 elections.

The reason for the cancellation of the elections, the CEC Chairman, Ella Pamfilova called the violations. This, according to her, was not about complaints filed by members of the FBC. She noted that the decision of the local election Committee about appointment of elections was adopted before the entry into force of the decision of the Moscow regional court, which terminated the powers of the Board of deputies of Barvikha. In addition, the grounds on which voters were allowed for early voting, did not conform to the law, said Pamfilova.

In 2015, the scandal of elections of Council of deputies of Balashikha, the results of which were filed four criminal cases. Observers of Golos, said about numerous violations during their implementation. In particular, observers argued that the recorded ballot stuffing, “carousel”, non-admission and removal from the site of journalists, non-admission of a member of election Commission with decisive voting right and the use of opaque portable ballot boxes.

The electoral Commission of the Moscow region also too much engaged in social activities to the detriment of the basic work, Pamfilova said Wednesday. “The staff of the Commission, staff and members of the youth election Commission was widely involved in the implementation of social and public relations projects <…>: delivery standards TRP, tree planting, a bike ride,” she said at the CEC session. “In this formulation of the priorities of the election Commission as a result are reputational losses,” — she said (quoted by TASS).

The Association “the Voice” to Villanova claims were regular, because all the problems in the suburbs, the response was inadequate, they tried to cover up the violations and to gloss over them, says Deputy Executive Director of “Voice” Gregory Melkonyants. According to him, the Moscow regional election Commission is the most active of the regional Commission, which began protivodeistvie observers, pitalist to set against them, members of commissions, as well as to raise awareness to create a positive background of work. According to Melkonyants, it is important that along with Vildanova left his team.

The threat of administrative resources

The CEC draft resolution also notes that the work of Mosoblispolkom may have a negative impact on the preparation and holding of elections of deputies of the state Duma in the Moscow region.

During the inspection activities of the Moscow electoral Commission, the CEC also found that in the suburbs there were cases of interference of state bodies in the work of the Commission mentioned in the draft resolution. CEC invited the Governor of Moscow oblast Andrei Vorobyov to take measures to prevent interference in activities of election commissions of all level of state authorities, the Moscow authorities and bodies of local self-government in the region, as well as to create working group which should analyze the deficiencies identified during the preparation and conduct of elections on the territory of the Moscow region (this is stated in the draft regulations).

In addition, the document noted that in a number of cities and regions in the territorial election commissions are charged with at least five employees of the administrations of these territories. Because of this, during the elections of the state Duma in September 2016 complaints on the use of administrative resource was noted in the draft resolution.