The state Duma has warned NATO about the threat of unleashing a new cold war

The state Duma on Wednesday adopted an appeal to parliaments of NATO countries and Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, regarding the deployment of U.S. anti-ballistic missile systems (ABM) in Eastern Europe. The resolution on the appeal voted 422 deputies out of 450

MPs are concerned that the missile defence system, “a system of dual-use, can be applied to offensive purposes against the Russian Federation when applying instant global strike”. “These actions are contrary to the assurances about caring for the strengthening of security in Europe, on the contrary, transform entire regions of East and South-East Europe into hostages of this policy, automatically determining their territory as a zone of retaliation in case of military conflict”, — is told in circulation the lower house of Parliament.

“Deeply troubling” MPs also causes the NATO’s decision on the placement of battalions of the Alliance in Poland and the Baltic States.

The missile defense and NATO expansion in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe “is a dangerous line, in fact not aimed at the defence and unleashing a new cold war, say MPs.

Deputies are also concerned with the “policy of involvement of Montenegro to NATO, which makes the split in Montenegrin society and creates a high degree of socio-political tension in the country.” On 19 June the Parliament of Montenegro ratified the agreement on support for the country’s integration into NATO.

“In order to prevent further development of the situation in Montenegro, the worst case scenario deputies of the State Duma appeal to the parliamentarians of member States of NATO to realize the dangerous implications for European security in the case of ratification of the Protocol on Montenegro’s accession to NATO from 19 may 2016 to support the claims of major opposition forces of Montenegro on the conduct of the national referendum, giving the citizens of this country to make a free choice of its future,” write the MPs.

The state Duma called for the establishment of the Balkan non-aligned Union, which can be a basis of regional security architecture”, with participation of Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina “, as a neutral sovereign States.”

On 14 June during the summit of defense Ministers of member countries of the Alliance, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced plans of accommodation in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland four battalions of the multinational NATO high readiness. On the same day the Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu has announced a sudden check armed forces carried out on behalf of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. In the Alliance the test was regarded as “undermining stability” and accused Russia of violating the agreements between Russia and NATO.