The state Duma voted for the construction of on-site reserves

On Wednesday the state Duma approved the second reading of the bill, allowing to create on the territory of state nature reserves of the so-called biosphere polygons.

Amendment to waste

Amendment biosphere polygons in the protected areas was approved by the Committee on natural resources. Amendment to the government bill, which establishes a transitional period for waste disposal facilities in the Crimea, was made Chairman of the Committee of Communist Vladimir Kashin and his Deputy Valery Yazev (United Russia).

Now according to the law on specially protected natural territories of biosphere polygons can only be joined to territories of state nature biosphere reserves “for the purpose of conducting scientific research, the state environmental monitoring as well as testing and introduction of rational nature management methods, not destroying environment and not exhausting biological resources. Biosphere reserves the state natural reserves, which are included in the international system of biosphere reserves.

In the case of an amendment, such polygons will not be created nearby the territory of any state reserve.

On the territory of the reserve is prohibited any economic activity, and biosphere form ground enables the conduct of such activities. In areas of a biosphere polygon, according to the current law allowed the placement of capital construction facilities and related infrastructure to “ensure the development of tourism, physical culture and sport”. The list of objects that can be built at the landfill site, established by the government for each specific landfill. Land for these purposes may be granted to citizens and legal entities in rent in accordance with the laws of the land.

It is expected that biosphere polygons are test models of sustainable development: mining, or agriculture, explains the Director of WWF Russia Igor Chestin. But Russian law what you can and cannot do in these areas is not regulated: theoretically in this area, the government may authorize the conduct of any activities, he explains.

The author of the amendment yaz the need for change explained the “necessity of life”. “It is necessary to dispose of waste. Far their removal brings greater harm than if they disposed of”, — said the Deputy.

All the reserves

In Russia, 103 state natural reserve. 35 of them are biospheric and those next to which now it is possible to create polygons. Close to some of them created biosphere polygons. For example, part of the Lagonaki plateau polygon in the Caucasian nature reserve, the polygons of the Teberdinsky wildlife refuge in Karachay-Cherkessia, the Oka reserve in the Ryazan region, Barguzin reserve in Buryatia. There are polygons in the Sayano-Shushensky nature reserve on the Kamchatka Peninsula. Chestin says. According to him, most of them developed forest management or agriculture, tourism is developing only in the Lagonaki biosphere reserve.

In the case of adoption the law can be used to extend the ski resorts of the North Caucasus, the fear of the WWF. We are talking in particular about the resort “Rosa Khutor” company “Interros”. According to Chestina, now the resort is located within the national Park, but claims to be expanding the expense of the territories of the Caucasus reserve. All plans for the extension of “Rosa Khutor” already announced and they have not changed, says a company representative Victoria Vergelskyy. All extensions will be held on the recreation lands national Park nature reserve they will not affect, she said.

If just to understand the bill, it eliminates the possibility of reserve a sports facility, assured yaz.