Turkey refused to let the German delegation at the military base Injirlik

Turkey blocks the upcoming visit of a senior representative of the Ministry of defence of Germany on a military base in Incirlik in southern Turkey. About it reports Reuters with reference to the representative of the Ministry of defence of Germany.

On the basis stationed about 250 soldiers of the German armed forces. There are six surveillance aircraft Tornado and the tanker involved operations led by the United States against the banned in Russia “the Islamic state in Iraq and Syria.

Turkish officials presently do not approve of the travel plans,” — said the representative of the Ministry.

Deputy Minister of defence of Germany Ralph Brauksiepe planned to visit a military base in Incirlik, along with several German parliamentarians next month.

The German publication Spiegel, which also writes about the failure reason, a high-ranking representative of the German Ministry of defence base at Incirlik, said that this is the second “diplomatic slap in the face” of Germany from Turkey. According to the publication, shortly after the decision of the Bundestag resolution on the Armenian genocide, Ankara has blocked the visit to Incirlik, a group of German journalists.

In early June, the German Parliament adopted a resolution accusing the Ottoman Empire in the Armenian genocide during the First world war. The draft resolution was adopted in the first reading in the spring of 2015, but further approval was postponed indefinitely because of the reluctance to worsen relations with Turkey.

After the adoption of the resolution, Turkey recalled its Ambassador to Germany for consultation. In Ankara called the decision a “historic mistake” and blamed the incident “racist Armenian lobby.” Foreign Minister of Turkey Mevlut Cavusoglu, in turn, has promised that Ankara would take steps in response to a resolution of the Bundestag.