Turkey will deploy new air defense systems on the border with Syria

According to officials from the security sector, which refers to the publication Defence News, the new air defense system will be deployed at the border checkpoint, Elbeyli in the province of Kilis in southern Turkey. As noted by Defence News, rockets fired from Syrian territory, allegedly by militants of the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia) this year, resulted in the deaths of 21 people and wounded more than 80.

“We need to better protect this part of the border,” — said one of interlocutors of the edition. “Air defense is a higher priority than the possibility of deterrence or offensive abilities,” he said.

At the border, in particular, plan to install protivominometnye Serhat radar system, developed by specialists of the major defence companies of Turkey, Aselsan specializes in military electronics. Will also install self-propelled anti-aircraft missile and artillery complex Korkut, produced by the same company.

“These efforts will serve to ensure security in the region”, — noted in conversation with the publication of one of the military sources.

Korkut is capable of producing до1100 rounds per minute and is expected to be able to destroy missiles at a distance of about four kilometers from earth.

In addition, according to the sources, in the province of Kilis will be installed artillery and rocket system operational-tactical purposes (HIMARS).

Turkey is also trying to block part of the border with Syria length of 70 kilometers. According to officials, 70% of the work on the five-meter wall with barbed wire in this part of the border is completed.