Asian countries have overtaken North America for the wealth of millionaires

The Asia-Pacific region for the first time came in first place for total as living in the region of dollar millionaires, surpassing North America, follows from the new report World Wealth Report, prepared by the consulting company Capgemini.

To come out on top Asia benefited from a significant slowdown in the growth of welfare millionaires from Canada and the United States, the document says. In 2015, the total state of millionaires in North America grew by 2.3% to $16.6 trillion. At the same time, the total state of millionaires in the Asia-Pacific region in 2015 rose by 9.9% to us $17.4 trillion, according to the report.

The Asia-Pacific region ahead of North America in number of millionaires. It has grown in 2015 by 9.4% to 5.1 million in North America by 2% to 4.8 million).

The total number of millionaires in Russia, according to Capgemini for the year decreased by 2%, from 155 thousand to 152 thousand persons. However, the ranking in the number of millionaires Russia has risen on one line in 16th place. This happened due to a significant reduction in the number of millionaires in Brazil, which in 2015, ahead of Russia, 8% from 161 thousand to 149 thousand

The number of the world’s millionaires in 2015 rose 4.9% to 15.4 million in the aggregate increased 4% to $58.7 million In 1996, when the first World Wealth Report, the total state’s millionaires were four times less — to $16.6 trillion. The authors of the report did not rule out that the total state of the world millionaires could rise to $100 trillion by 2025 if the growth rates that have marked the last 10 years.

Capgemini also noted that “ultrabrite” millionaires (have a fortune of $30 million or more) has ceased to be a driver of growth in global wealth millionaires. In 2010-2014, the total state average grew by 6.1% and in 2015 it increased by only 2.5%. During the year ultra millionaires became 4,2% more, whereas the previous four years their number grew by 7.9%

In March, consulting company New World Wealth has included Russia in the top ten countries in 2015 left most dollar millionaires. According to the company, from Russia last year left 2 thousand millionaires, and the total number of millionaires in the country decreased by 2%, to 127 thousand

The report’s authors noted that Russia has great potential for growth, but the Exodus of millionaires from the country of concern. Among the main problems of Russia they called “an unhealthy level of state intervention in local business” and “anti-American position,” which “hinders domestic investment and hampers foreign companies access the market.”