Clinton accused trump of “outlandish lies”

Donald trump is the candidate with “crazy ideas”, who is trying to distract the American people, said Hillary Clinton in response to the statement of the Republican. “I think my speech last night touched him deeply, because he immediately lashed out on Twitter with outlandish lies and conspiracy theories, and then did the same thing in his speech today,” said former Secretary of state (quote via CNN).

Clinton, according to NBC News, in his previous speech, “tried to subvert the image of trump as a successful businessman”. “We can’t let him bankrupt America, as one of his failed casino,” she said.

Then trump during a speech in new York called Clinton a “liar of the world level”.

In addition, he appealed to supporters of Democrat Bernie Sanders, who was the main rival of Clinton, calling to help him fix the “rigged system”. Approval of trump, its trade and migration policies will be more beneficial than the policies of Clinton, for blacks and Hispanics — two groups that in the last presidential elections voted predominantly for Democrats.

In late may, the Associated Press calculated that trump’s support has 1238 electors, whereas for the nomination of a candidate for head of state must be one less — 1237. Clinton, meanwhile, is a likely candidate for the elections of the US Congress. 7 Jun AP also reported that she received the required number of delegates — 2383.

The United States presidential election will be held on 8 November this year.