In Ankara, said the lack of compensation for the downed su-24

In Ankara at the moment, no discussion of apology to the Russian authorities for the downed su-24, which in November last year crashed in Syria, after the attack of the Turkish air force. In an interview with Haberturk TV said the representative of the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Ibrahim Kalin.

According to Kalin, the authorities have already declared that they are saddened by the incident. “About the apology and compensation is not”, — said the representative of Erdogan. He also drew attention that the Russian plane, according to Ankara, invaded the airspace of Turkey.

The Kalin noted that talking about the normalisation of relations “too early”, though hope to restore it. The representative Erdogan also spoke about a letter the President of Turkey, has written to Russian leader Vladimir Putin in Day of Russia. He said that the Turkish President did this in accordance with the intergovernmental tradition.

The representative of the President in the interview also stated that due to the deterioration of relations between the countries of the people who suffer. According to him, the tension has a negative impact on the tourism sector. The Kalin stressed that the conflict with Ankara has adversely affected Russia.