The NYT saw the “Yugoslav scenario” in a letter to employees of the state Department on Syria

The newspaper the New York Times on June 22 published an article explaining the contents signed by the staff of the US state Department internal Memorandum criticizing the policies of President Barack Obama against Syria. Among other things, the newspaper drew attention to the point at which state Department employees call necessary to strengthen the role of the United States “on the basis of rational use of weapons to strike from afar and aircraft weapons” (stand-off weapons and air).

As explained by The New York Times, “weapons to strike from afar” – is, in particular, cruise missiles that are fired from far enough distance that the enemy could not respond. The diplomats who signed the Memorandum, referring to the use of such weapons “is not in order to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad, and in order to podtolknut him to a peace agreement,” the newspaper writes.

“Supporters of such a plan often refer to the bombing of Yugoslavia by NATO in 1999, which helped push the country’s leadership to achieving a diplomatic agreement on the conflict in Kosovo”, – stated in the article.

However, the newspaper said, some people think that the parallel with Yugoslavia incorrect due to active participation in the Syrian conflict Russia and Iran, which “can strengthen its activity in support of Syrian forces as a counterweight to U.S. strikes.”

That dozens of employees of the US state Department has signed an internal document condemning the policies of Barack Obama in Syria, it became known on June 17. The Memorandum consists of 10 points. In particular, it notes that “the main reason for instability” are systematic violations against the Syrian people by President Bashar al-Assad. In this case, state Department officials emphasize that “do not see — and not seen — meaning in large-scale US invasion of Syria or the sudden collapse of the institutions of the country.”

“However, we see merit in a more aggressive military role of the USA in Syria through the prudent use of weapons to strike from afar and aircraft weapons. It would have helped more focused and aggressive diplomatic process under the control of the United States and strengthened him”, — stated in the document.

This measure, according to the authors, will help to stop daily massacres of civilians and the blatant human rights violations, persuade the warring parties to reach the necessary compromises at the negotiating table, will strengthen the position of moderate rebel forces in the fight against ISIS [banned terrorist organization “Islamic state”. —] and will help to put an end to the instability, which creates conflict.”

In the state Department previously confirmed the presence of the internal document, but declined to comment on its content, as long as it did not read the manual. John Kirby, a spokesman for the state Department, said that the regulations the Agency expressly prohibit retaliation against any employee who expresses their disagreement, using a special channel. However, according to former state Department official, who referred to The Wall Street Journal, the fact that so many employees has an alternative perspective on Syria, “brings inconvenience to the administration of the President.”