The state Duma rejected the idea to deprive the Russian citizenship

The rules on deprivation of citizenship are excluded from anti-terrorism package of bills introduced by deputies Irina Yarovaya and Senator Viktor Ozerov, said Deputy Chairman of the security Committee of the state Duma Ernest Valeev.

Earlier, we wrote that on Wednesday evening on the events page of the state Duma reported that the Committee survey sheet again asked its members to support the package for the second reading. The source in the Committee said that we are talking about a new revision for the second reading taking into account the discontent of the Federation Council and the Duma factions, the first version of the amendments.

Information about what is currently being discussed the question of the abolition or revision of the paragraphs on nationality and restriction on leaving the country, confirmed sources — a source close to the leadership of the lower house of Parliament, as well as the source in one of profile at the initiative of the Duma committees.