Bookmakers estimated the chances of possible successors to Cameron

The evaluation of the bookmaker Betfair, only three politicians can expect to take the post of leader of the Conservative party and, accordingly, head of government after the resignation of David Cameron, the Financial Times reports. The best chance is the former mayor of London, Boris Johnson. The probability of his election as Tory leader is estimated at 50%.

The current Lord Chancellor, the UK justice Minister Michael Gove put 20% of Betfair customers. The third is the Minister of internal Affairs Theresa may with 15%.

The chances of three more conservative politicians to lead the party does not exceed 3%. The Minister for work and pensions Stephen Crabb, the former defence Minister Liam Fox and Minister of foreign Affairs Philip Hammond.

Cameron has announced his intention to resign as leader of the Conservative party after the British referendum, a slight majority voted for the country’s withdrawal from the European Union. The politician was the initiator of the election and during the election campaign threatened the Brussels exit from the EU if the European bureaucrats will not give London more powers.

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Having won the parliamentary elections and taking the post of Prime Minister, Cameron has won concessions from the European Union, but kept his promise of holding a referendum. However, he favoured retaining Britain’s membership in the EU.

Speaking on Friday morning on television, Cameron said that “proud of what he managed to do as Prime Minister”. “I fought against secession with all my heart, but the British chose a different path. So they need a new Prime Minister”, — said the politician.

Boris Johnson has a reputation as a eurosceptic. In preparation for the referendum, he compared the policies of Hitler, the actions of the leaders of the European Union for the unification of Europe.