British banks lost a third of the cost on the news about Brexit

British banks lost a third of the cost at the opening of trading on Friday, June 24. Early in the morning it became known that the majority of people in the UK voted for the country’s withdrawal from the European Union.

Shares in Barclays fell by 30%, Royal Bank of Scotland lost 35% of Lloyd’s Bank dropped by 30% at opening.

The main index of the London stock exchange FTSE100 fell by 6.7% to 950 points. Fall paper all financial companies included in this index. Hardest — by 28.36% – St. James’s Place, which provides advice on the management of personal fortune. While growing mining Randgold Resources — by 17.9% and the largest silver producer Fresnillo PLC — 11.9%.

“This is a historic moment, and we’re looking at uncharted territory, how far shares may fall; we expect more volatility in the coming days after today’s sharp fall,” quoted Bloomberg strategist at Bankhaus Lampe Ralph Zimmerman. In his opinion, banks will suffer the most, because there is no long period of uncertainty.

The British pound fell against the U.S. dollar by more than 10%, down from the 1.50 mark to 1.32. This is the minimum value over the past 30 years.

In the referendum, which was held on Thursday, June 23, the victory was won by the supporters of Brexit, which scored 51.9% of the votes, according to the Bi-bi-si. For withdrawal from the EU voted 17.4 million people. In turn, opponents of Brexit scored 48.1% of the votes (16,14 million). Eurosceptics have won in England and Wales. In Scotland and Northern Ireland, the majority scored the opponents of withdrawal from the European Union. Formally, the results of the referendum were consultative in nature. However, even prior to Prime Minister David Cameron has promised that in case of a victory of supporters of Brexit, he will immediately begin negotiations for Britain’s withdrawal from the EU.

The Prime Minister of great Britain David Cameron announced the decision to resign after the results of the referendum on EU membership. He said this at ten in the morning Moscow time, commenting on the outcome of the referendum on the porch of his house on Downing street live British TV. According to him, the resignation will happen before the autumn. Cameron stressed that he was “proud of what he managed to do as Prime Minister”. “I fought against secession with all my heart, but the British chose a different path. So they need a new Prime Minister,” said Cameron.