Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey announced the beginning of the collapse of the European Union

“The collapse of the European Union. Britain was the first to leave the ship,” he wrote on Twitter, Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey Nurettin Canikli, commenting on the results of the last UK referendum, the results of which 51.9 per cent expressed the desire for the country’s exit from the EU.

The Prime Minister of Turkey, Binali Yildirim, in turn, said that the decision of the UK clearly showed the discontent of the countries of the European Union. He also urged the unit to thoroughly evaluate the outcome of the referendum and to adopt more meaningful policies, writes The Wall Street Journal. “We want the Union gathered more strength to move forward — it is important for peace in Europe and stability in the region,” said yıldırım in a televised address in Ankara.

A referendum on British exit from the EU was held in the Kingdom on the eve, June 23. After the announcement of its results, Prime Minister Tony Blair announced his intention to soon resign.

EU leaders will discuss the outcome of the referendum on Monday, June 27, reported earlier, German Chancellor Angela Merkel. According to her, she was invited to discuss the situation of President of the European Council Donald Tusk, French President Francois Hollande and Prime Minister Matteo Renzi in Berlin. The results of the referendum, Merkel called a step backwards for European integration.

Francois Hollande, in turn, in an official statement on Friday said that respects the choice of friendly country, but noted that now it is necessary to strengthen the Eurozone.

In the face of Britain, Turkey lost its most significant in the European Union the defender, who left Ankara without the support and put at risk the planned deal between Turkey and the EU over migrants, says the WSJ.