Discerned reported deprivation of academic degrees of the author of the law of oblivion

According to the publication “Fontanka” Chairman of the “Discarnate Larisa Melikhova, 20 members of the dissertation Council at the faculty of political science, SPSU voted for deprivation Kazakova scientific degrees, and one abstention.

The deprivation Kazakova degree of candidate of Sciences said in his Facebook and one of the founders of Discarnate” journalist Sergei Parkhomenko.

The online community has suspected a Deputy that might have borrowed a considerable part of their research work, defended in December 2011 at the Moscow state technical University named after Bauman, of the articles of his supervisor. He assured the Cossacks that he personally participated in writing the articles, but because borrowing was correct.

The Deputy of the State Duma from “Fair Russia” Kazakov was the author of the “law on the right to be forgotten online”. It requires the operator of the Internet search engine at the request of a citizen to stop providing links to some information about him. In particular, we are talking about are out of date (obsolete because of subsequent events), inaccurate information, and information distributed in violation of the law. At the same time citizens have no right to demand to remove information about events that contain evidence of criminal offence, if the prosecution has not expired, and removed from or outstanding convictions.