In Germany, prepared a plan of the Association of UK and EU

Germany begins to implement the emergency plan in the event of a British exit from the European Union, which provides for the ultimate aim of providing the Kingdom of the status of “associated partner” of the EU. With an eight-page document prepared by the Ministry of Finance of Germany, acquainted newspaper Handelsblatt.

“The German strategy on the UK’s exit from EU”, says that London will be “offered constructive negotiations.” These discussions will not be easy, warned the German Finance Ministry. They will talk about a British exit from the European investment Bank, fiscal rights and obligations. Also the question arises about whether the UK next year to preside over the EU as planned.

According to European legislation for the transitional period in the case of EU countries is given not less than two years. In Berlin, hope to meet with the negotiations in this period, noted in the document, and then agree that in the end, Britain received the status of “associated partner”.

Thus Germany urges not to go for more concessions. In particular, “there can be no question of automatic access to the internal market of the EU,” the document says. The publication explains that if the UK can enjoy the benefits of the European market without being an EU member, it could be followed by other States.

“The scale and consequences of the effect of imitation will largely depend on how to deal with Britain”, — is emphasized in the document of the German Finance Ministry. Among the possible followers who wish to break with the dominance of Brussels, Handelsblatt calls France, Austria, Finland, the Netherlands and Hungary.

In the referendum, most Britons were in favor of withdrawal from the EU. Prime Minister David Cameron, who became the initiator of the will, but in favor of maintaining membership in the European Union, announced his resignation. He will lead the government till the party Congress in October, when a successor is elected.

Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel, commenting on the British referendum, called for calm to analyze the situation and not to jump to solutions. She stressed that the UK and the EU should maintain the future is a close connection between them.