In Kiev, predicted the gradual removal of EU sanctions against Russia after Brexit

2017 may begin a gradual lifting of sanctions against Russia, and the question of visa-free regime with the EU for Ukraine, Georgia and Turkey postponed indefinitely, said the head of the Ukrainian delegation to PACE Vladimir Ariev, commenting on the outcome of the referendum in the UK about leaving the EU (Brexit). About this he wrote in Facebook.

“Britain voted to exit. This earthquake, the consequences of which the EU will rake a long time. What for Ukraine? In short — absolutely no good. The European Union closed from any external stimuli and eliminates internal so that they would not chain reaction”, — he wrote.

Ukrainian politicians predicted that in 2017, the EU can begin to gradually lift sanctions against Russia imposed over the conflict in Ukraine. “Sanctions against Russia are very it is possible to gradually withdraw from 2017 [years], and visa [mode] for us, Georgia and Turkey is postponed for an indefinite time,” he wrote.

“All will be explained caused by a blow, which actually is tectonic,” said Aryan. He expressed the opinion that in light of recent events, Ukraine to unite for protection from the enemy”, which, according to Ariev will occur in all directions. “Without unity, which is not enough for the EU, we will not stand. And needs. For those who have paid with their lives for the independence,” — said the Aryan.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko wrote in his Facebook that despite the result of the referendum on Brexit, the UK will remain in the EU and will defend common European values. According to the head of the state, the EU needs to find a way to the hearts of eurosceptics ” in order to deprive the chances of the opponents of the European integration project and their generous sponsors. Poroshenko noted that expects the continuation of sanctions against Russia.

24 June in the UK announced the results of the referendum on the country’s withdrawal from the EU. As a result of the counting of the votes of the majority — 51.9 percent scored Euroskeptics, the opponents Brexit is 48.1%.