Khodorkovsky predicted the lifting of sanctions against Russia by the end of the year

The former head of Yukos Mikhail Khodorkovsky, commenting on the outcome of the referendum in the UK, said that the outcome could lead to the fact that sanctions against Russia are likely to be abolished by year-end. Review of Khodorkovsky posted on his website.

Reasoning about the consequences of the referendum, Khodorkovsky said that “will increase the influence of Germany and the USA in Europe will increase European radicals”. “Now grow up, the dollar and gold will drop and then recover, the pound will eventually drop the Euro. Sanctions (except Crimea) will likely cancel by the end of the year (if there are no exacerbations in the Donbass)”, – reads the statement of Khodorkovsky.

Overall, in his opinion, the British society “made a mistake” and the decision by the British “have to pay”.

“An annoying cost overruns on the Brussels bureaucracy and support the weak countries of Europe commensurate with losses from the weakening of economic ties. And it will inevitably weaken, in whatever form it was renegotiated integration contract. Possible new complications in internal relations with Northern Ireland and Scotland. The separatists will undoubtedly try to use the excuse,” – said the former head of Yukos.

Earlier Friday, analysts at Sberbank CIB Andrey Kuznetsov and Cole Axon his review made a revision of anti-Russian sanctions after Brexit. In their opinion, the Brexit could split the position of European countries on the issue of anti-Russian sanctions. Of the three unofficial leaders of the European Union — Britain, Germany and France — the first was the most steadfast supporter of the sanctions regime, they said.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin, commenting on Brexit, on Friday said that Russia is ready for constructive dialogue on the issue of sanctions with Western Nations, if they will ripen. “We’re not just ready, we want it and we will reply positive to positive,” — said Putin told reporters.

June 23 in the UK held a referendum, after which more than 51% voted in favor of the Kingdom’s exit from the European Union.