Kudrin predicted the weakening of the EU and the UK due to Brexit

Both the EU and the UK will become economically weaker after the release of the latest from the European Union, said in his Twitter, former Finance Minister of Russia, head of the Council of the Center for strategic development Alexey Kudrin.

I think the EU will come to himself, but as the EU and the UK will become economically weaker.

— Alexei Kudrin (@Aleksei_Kudrin) 24 June 2016.

“You can regret the decision of the British withdrawal from the EU. But the disaster will not happen, although Finance will be short-term instability,” he said. Russia, according to Kudrin, Brexit will not be affected — it has its “more sensitive issues”.

A referendum on leaving the EU was held in the UK on Thursday. For Brexit voted 51.9% of voters. The decision is not legally binding, but it has great political weight. According to article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, the government decided to withdraw from the EU countries must notify the European Union. He should form a methodical Troubleshooting instructions. Negotiations should not take more than two years.

Trading on the Moscow stock exchange opened by decrease of indexes and the fall of the ruble. As of 11:18 Moscow time, the MICEX index fell 2.2% and the RTS — by 3.76%. In leaders of falling there were Sberbank, Rosneft and RUSAL. The dollar gained 1,45 rubles., an increase of 65.3 RUB Per barrel of Brent at $48,98 (-3,79%).

Prime Minister David Cameron after the vote, said he will retire. This will happen until the fall, he promised. “I fought against secession with all my heart, but the British chose a different path. So they need a new Prime Minister”, — said the head of the British government.