Oil fell more than 5% on news of Brexit

As of 6:38 MSK cost of a barrel of Brent fell by 4.85% to reach $of 48.32. The drop in prices occurred against the background data on the progress of vote counting on the referendum on preserving the UK’s membership in the EU.

The cost of a barrel of Brent began to decline sharply after the first official results from the North of England, where was fixed a victory of supporters of Brexit. After this correction occurred, however, when there is evidence that opponents of Britain’s membership in the EU has been successful in large industrial cities in Central England, the decline has accelerated and the cost of a barrel fell below $ 49.

More than 5.37 percent fell and WTI Texas, which as of 6:37 MSK cost $47,38.

The fall in oil prices occurred in parallel with the collapse of the pound sterling falling to the lowest levels since 1985, and with the depreciation of the single European currency, which by 6:40 GMT cost $1,09, 3, 66% lower than days old.