Opponents Brexit caught up with the opponents after the results of the major cities

The gap supporters of the EU after the first four hours of the counting of votes was about half a million votes, which led to the fall of the pound sterling and FTSE futures. However, after the results from Glasgow, Liverpool and London, they managed to come out ahead. As of 5:03 MSK ahead again supporters of Brexit, the advantage of which is about 17 thousand votes.

After counting in 30% of regions, the difference in votes amounted to about 0.2%, indicates Reuters.

As noted by Professor Kent state University Matthew Godwin, the results of Brexit supporters turned out higher than expected and differed from the data of opinion polls by 4-7% in most parts of England and in Wales. In Liverpool, Glasgow, Newcastle, where he succeeded the supporters of the EU, they were not able to obtain the support they experts predicted.

Surprisingly weakly in favour of retaining the UK’s membership in the EU made in Wales, where they lost the vote in Wrexham and Newport, East Belfast and also in Northern cities – Sunderland, Middlesbrough and the surrounding area of Newcastle.

While in London, supporters of the EU have received more than expected. In the Central districts of the capital against Brexit made 69-75%.

Made up the forecast on the eve of the referendum, political scientist Chris Hanretty from the University of East Anglia admitted in his twitter that he made a mistake in the calculations of turnout. As of 5:08 MSK he suggested that supporters of the EU will receive the results of the referendum 47% of the votes.