Putin said about the inevitable consequences of Brexit for Europe and Russia

Speaking after the SCO summit in Tashkent, the Russian President said that the exit of Britain from the European Union will have implications for Europe and Russia. the correspondent.

“In fact for Europe as a whole and for us it will have consequences. If the organization of the referendum and the subsequent available today, the results are nothing short of arrogance and superficial approach to solving crucial for their own country, and for Europe as a whole with the leadership of the UK, the consequences would be global in nature, they will be a plus sign and a minus sign,” — said Putin.

“The markets will decline, they’ve already subsided, but in the medium term all will be restored of course. Then there will be more — pluses or minuses — show life, show practices,” he said (quoted by “RIA Novosti”).

Putin stressed that in case of necessity according to the results of Brexit Russia will adjust its economic policy. “No global catastrophe in this regard, we do not expect. Of course, we will closely monitor and, if necessary, to adjust our economic policies, relations with partners in Europe,” the President said.