Putin urged the West to Mature to konstruktivnogo dialogue on sanctions

Russia is ready for constructive dialogue on the issue of sanctions with Western countries if they’re “ripe”. This was stated by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin during his visit to Tashkent, Interfax reports.

“If our partners ever ripe to engage in constructive dialogue with us on these issues, we are ready, we are not only ready, we want it and we will reply positive to positive,” — said Putin told reporters.

However, the President noted that Moscow should not expect any actions which are outside its competence. The Russian leader reminded that the EU imposed anti-Russian sanctions were connected with the execution of the Minsk agreements, but noted that “key issues in the implementation of the Minsk agreements today are in the hands of our Ukrainian partners, in the hands of the Kiev authorities”.

“Wait these solutions from us is ridiculous, I’m different and you can not speak”, — said Putin.

However, he stressed that “there is no other way but to fulfill the Minsk agreement to resolve the situation in the Donbass does not exist” and added that Russia is ready to “patiently” work with the Ukrainian partners and with EU partners.