Russian banks insure in case of withdrawal of Britain from the EU

ATB Bank two months before the referendum began actively to reduce risk positions, reducing the bond portfolio by 35%, said Deputy Chairman of the management Board of ATB Bank Mikhail Pavlov. First of all, the Bank reduced the position in the Eurobonds.

“While the situation remains tense, and we may not understand and appreciate the consequences of this event. We did not expect such a result of voting,” — said Pavlov. However, the Treasury did not change this morning seriously the strategy work, despite the fact that trading worked all night, puts Pavlov.

Now the banker is confused by the lack of understanding of the procedure for the withdrawal of Britain from the EU. According to him, it could be delayed, however, as soon as added clarity, the Bank is ready to increase the risks and return to Eurobonds, says Pavlov.

Earlier, the head of the second assets of the Russian Bank VTB Andrey Kostin said that the likely exit of Britain from the EU will not. “We hope that this will not happen and, frankly, I don’t think it will happen,” — said Kostin. He stressed that this issue will affect Russia directly.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of MDM Bank Oleg Vyugin also did not expect such outcome of the vote. “I thought British policy will take some effort for that not to happen.” However, the Bank for some time before the voting took into account the possibility of such a scenario in the short stock positions, which are now the most volatile, says Vyugin. “The risk from the long positions we do not see”, — said Vyugin. He also said that the retail corporate Bank unit are operating normally.

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Chief financial officer of Alfa Bank Alexey Chuhlov deemed that for the Bank the results of this vote will be neutral. “We didn’t have “pound” partners. I’m also sure that London stock exchange will operate normally, and the prospectus, we registered there, will not change our plans,” adds Chuhlov.

For the head of the foreign exchange and money market Metallinvestbank Sergey Romanchuk, the results of the voting were also unexpected. “Yesterday, the behavior of the main financial indicators said that the market believed that Brexit will not. However, the market reaction for all is understandable, says Romanchuk. In Metallinvestbank before the referendum looked to have weak credit relationship customers do not have any open positions on the pound, said Romanchuk. At the brow of the Bank now fulfills all the standard procedures. “We have become accustomed to such volatility in the last two years and work in a regular mode”, — said Romanchuk.

According to a member of the management Board of Banca Intesa Oleg Dzhus, Russia is now a campaign on safe Harbor the European markets. “We just follow the price of oil, which nothing critical has not happened yet. For banks it nicto because of the pound to Russian banks, virtually no,” says EDUs.