Supporters came forward Brexit in a referendum in the UK

As of 4:02 MSK results came from 30 regions, including a number of major cities. Based on these data in favour of a British exit from the EU voted to 1.1 million people, in favour of continued membership of about 900 thousand. According to experts for the overall victory to supporters of a particular point of view necessary to obtain the votes of 16 million people.

In favour of retaining EU membership voted mostly residents of Scotland and Northern Ireland. For Brexit – the inhabitants of industrial cities in the North of England (Sunderland and Middlesbrough), and small settlements in Central England and Wales.

Of the major cities for the preservation of Britain’s membership in the EU voted for Newcastle, but the lag of the skeptics were much weaker than expected, led to a sharp depreciation of the pound sterling.

Professor of political science, University of Kent, Matthew Goodwin said in his twitter that eurosceptics get more votes in almost all regions than it was predicted by experts, or indicated by sociologists.

The supporters of the EU point out that much will depend on the results of the vote in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow, where their position was strong.

Before you start counting in the UK was published public opinion polls showed a landslide victory of supporters of conservation in the EU with the advantage of 4-8 percent.