Supporters of Brexit consolidated their advantage after counting 50% of districts

As of 5:39 GMT, data on the results obtained with 50% of electoral districts. For an exit from the EU voted 7 328 million participants of a referendum, against – 6 982 million While there is no data from 198 regions – mainly the Central counties of England and several parts of London.

As informs “bi-Bi-si”, for withdrawal from the EU voted the most Northern and southern England, the largest city of Wales, and such industrial centres as Coventry, Sunderland and Sheffield prior to the referendum was considered a city where you had to defeat opponents Brexit.

In London, the local electorate voted mainly for the preservation of EU membership, and, as experts at the University of Kent Matthew Godwin

they managed to strengthen their positions compared to forecasts of about 4%. However, in Liverpool, Glasgow and Newcastle, where supporters of the EU won, the skeptics have managed to add an average of 3-4%. A similar situation existed in small towns, where supporters of Brexit predicted 55% support, and as a result, in Doncaster, Boston, Ipswich, they received about 60%.