The brother of the mayor of Vladivostok charged with bribery

General Director of “Vostokcement”, the brother of the mayor of Vladivostok Andrey Pushkarev charged with commercial bribery (part 4 of article 204 of the criminal code), reported TFR spokesman Vladimir Markin. According to investigators, Pushkarev in 2012-2014 transferred money to another defendant in the case, the Director of “Roads of Vladivostok” Andrew Lushnikov. Instead Lushnikov bought the group of companies “Vostokcement” building materials required for the execution of contracts for repair and maintenance of city roads.

Andrei Pushkarev was detained in the capital of Primorye on Friday morning, June 24. As told a source in administration of Vladivostok Pushkarev will deliver to Moscow, then the consequence plans to address in Basmanny court with the petition for election measures of restraint.

The interviewee noted that two years ago in the explosion of firecrackers, the brother of the mayor received a severe injury face and jaw had been lost, therefore he needs constant medical care. Pushkareva also diagnosed with partial amnesia and loss of vision in one eye.

The mayor of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev was arrested and transported to Moscow on 1 June. Along with him were detained Andrey Lushnikov. They were arrested by the decision of the Basmanny court.

According to the TFR, Pushkarev organized the acquisition of” municipal enterprise “Roads of Vladivostok “building materials in large volume,” the group of companies “Vostoktsement”. Purchases were carried out at inflated prices, and personally Pushkarev received not less than 45 million rubles, Markin noted, as a result of “Roads of Vladivostok” was damaged in a RUB 158 million. in addition, said Markin, Pushkarev gave Lushnikova money in the sum of not less than 1.4 million rubles as commercial bribery. The TFR States that “Vostokcement” controlled by close relatives of the mayor.

The materials of the criminal case largely repeat the conclusions of the FAS based on the results of inspections in 2015. “We had some companies won, they paid, and they did nothing. Therefore, the leadership of the city changed the practice began to choose a contractor, and paid after the completion of the work. Indeed, most often won by one company, but the road was actually repaired, and explained the situation with public procurement in Vladivostok, a source in the city administration.

Shortly before his arrest Pushkareva have strained relations with the Governor of the region Vladimir Miklushevsky

With the participation of Marina Starodubtseva