The demand for pounds in the Russian banks has increased several times

On Friday, June 24, requests through the Internet banking transactions in the British pound against the dollar was three to four times more than the average, reported the press service of PSB. Mostly customers want to buy pounds, added the Bank. When this unusual demand for dollars or euros there.

The press service of the Bank also reported that demand from the population on the pounds more than usual, but there is no rush.

Increased interest of citizens to the pound and noticed the head of the foreign exchange and money markets Metallinvestbank Sergey Romanchuk. “Now this trend is due to some rebound of the pound has stopped, but the morning, when the value of the pound was minimal, we noticed an increased demand. Basically the pound is bought for real transactions, pay tuition, purchase of real estate and other”, — he said.

The press service of the Bank told that the Bank has no “growth demand for pounds, but there is some increase in the demand for dollars.”

In addition, Friday’s volume trading on the Moscow stock exchange rose more than six times compared to the average monthly value. By 16:15 Moscow time the volume of swap and spot transactions in the foreign exchange market with a pair of pound/ruble amounted to 843 million rubles on average from the beginning of June the volume has not exceeded 140 million rubles. More than the usual amount the day before, on Thursday, June 23, deals with a pair of pound/ruble amounted to 576,8 million rubles.

The total volume of trading on the foreign exchange market has not exceeded the monthly average. By 16:15 GMT it amounted to 1.3 trillion rubles.

Head of the “online broker of FG BKS Pavel Forties said that the demand of the customers of the company deals with the pound increased compared to the previous day more than five times. In addition, the volume of transactions on the Euro and dollar on Friday was about two times more than average in recent days, he added. Such indicators Fortieth explains the fact that the result of the vote was for investors by surprise, which led to a drop in oil and most risk assets, as well as the necessity of closing positions in the currency that you have previously opened, waiting for another result of vote”.

British pound sterling Friday morning, June 24, for the first time in 30 years fell below $1.35 on the news of the outcome of the referendum in which a majority voted to secede from the EU. This is the lowest level since 1985, this decline has not been even during the global financial crisis, writes Bloomberg. 15:00 GMT the British currency was worth at the auction of us $1.37 (-7,89%).