The Finance Ministry has warned about the risk of the ruble weakening due to Brexit

For Russia, the results of the vote means a drop of oil, weakening ruble and rising volatility in the financial markets, said Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov.

“Unpleasant events, however, this volatility is much less than that through which we passed, therefore, the internal economic dynamics of the impact of this event will be limited,” — said Siluanov.

He said the vote in the UK showed that hopes for a clear recovery and the markets and the world economy was too optimistic. The result will be two key consequences — a sharp increase in volatility and uncertainty about the future development of the global economy, said Siluanov.

The task of Russian economic policy — to be ready for negative scenarios of development of world economy, said the Minister. In this regard, the President encourages the use of conservative assumptions in your planning.

“A positive vote indicates that the world does not go confidently forward with globalization and the development of global trade — the key drivers of economic growth in recent decades. One black Swan in the current fragile situation can pull themselves and others”, — said Siluanov.

On Friday, the UK announced the results of a referendum about leaving the EU. Voted 51,9% (17.4 million people), against Brexit spoke of 48.1% (16,14 million).

Commenting on the results of the plebiscite, Prime Minister David Cameron has announced his intention to resign.