The Finance Ministry said about the lack of risks for Russia after Brexit

A British exit from the EU does not bear serious risks for Russia. TASS said Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev, commenting on the victory of the supporters of Brexit in a referendum.

“This will naturally reduce the appetite of all investors to risk. But serious risks for Russia, I do not see”, — he said. Moses noted that the impact of Brexit on the financial risks can be seen now.

The forbidden VEB Andrei Klepach in an interview with “RIA Novosti” expressed the opinion that the withdrawal of Britain from the EU may increase the interest of investors to emerging markets. “In the future, I believe such troubles and conflicts on the European financial market may regain interest in the securities of emerging market and Russia in particular”, — told ex-zamglavy Ministry of economy.

Klepach prognozirovat that the exit of Britain from the EU will initially lead to a destabilization of the Euro and the European stock market and disturbances in the markets of the emerging market.