The first results showed a small advantage of opponents Brexit

As reported by Reuters, the first major town from which came the official results of the referendum, was Newcastle in the North of England. According to the data, which cites the Guardian, for the preservation of the UK seats in the EU vote of 50.7%, whereas for Brexit made 49,3% of the votes. According to the publication, these figures differ from the survey data, forecast greater advantage of the EU supporters in Newcastle.

According to unofficial information, the skeptics gained more support than expected, and in another city in the North – Sunderland. There they managed to win.

Data also came from two small areas in Gibraltar and the Orkney Islands. There are supporters of the EU won a landslide victory. So, in Gibraltar, whose residents often travel to neighboring Spain, for the preservation of EU membership voted almost 96%. However, it is specified that we are talking about 19 thousand voters.

On the background of the results from the North of England, the pound, has risen to the maximum mark since December last year left in a minus. As of 2:12 GMT the British currency give 1,4836 dollars.