The Kremlin commented on the victory of the supporters of the exit of Britain from the EU

A referendum on leaving the EU is an internal affair of the UK. About it the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said, commenting on the victory of eurosceptics in the voting, reports .

Peskov recalled the words of President Vladimir Putin that the theme of Brexit is a matter of relations between Britain and the EU. Thus, according to him, the EU is a very important trade-economic partner of Russia.

“Moscow was interested in the fact that the EU remained a major economic power, prosperous,” said the spokesman. He promised that the President will comment on the results of the referendum at a later date.

Vladimir Putin during the St. Petersburg economic forum refused to Express their views on Brexit. Some experts say that Europe will be more concentrated, someone says that this is only the first step to collapse the rest of Europe, and so on,” –said the head of state. He added that Russia wants a dialogue with a strong Europe will treat any outcome of the vote with respect.

Answering the question about the future of sanctions against Russia in the new conditions, Peskov reminded that the exit of Britain — “the process is not one day.” “There are very different points of view in the European Union against the sanctions policy. Different countries in varying degrees are interested in developing trade and economic relations, perceive no alternative to good relations with Russia”, — he said.

The press Secretary added that Moscow and London “it’s very difficult for Luggage. “We are not always able to ascertain the willingness to communicate our British partners,” — said Peskov. He expressed the hope that in the new reality will be the understanding of the necessity of building good relations”.