The latest poll gave the victory to the opponents of the withdrawal of Britain from the EU

British support the preservation of their country in the EU — these are the results of the latest opinion polls, conducted by YouGov. This latest survey of public opinion before the release of final voting results. Polls published in midnight in Moscow, simultaneously with the closing of polling stations.

According to YouGov, the UK remaining in the EU was made by 52% of Britons, against only 48%.

In addition, at midnight (22:00 local time) in the UK have closed all the polls. An hour before they went out of business in Gibraltar — due to the difference in time zones.

As a British overseas territory, Gibraltar is not usually participate in election campaigns (for example in parliamentary elections), his mother country, but a national referendum is no exception. Already known to the preliminary results, the turnout in Gibraltar: according to the British news Agency Press Association, it amounted to 83.7%.

In General, the last hours of voting passed without incident. Just next to one of the sites in Huddersfield in West Yorkshire (North of England) unknown stabbed a 19-year-old man. Because of this, the police closed half an hour the polling station.

A referendum on British exit from the EU was held throughout the Kingdom and its territories, 23 Jun