The leader of the eurosceptic made the preservation of Britain in the EU a few years

After the victory in the referendum supporters of Brexit the UK can stay in EU for months. Reuters said the leader of the campaign for withdrawal from the EU, Matthew Elliott.

According to Elliott, there is no need to immediately start the exit procedure, which is stipulated in article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty from 2007. He suggested that Prime Minister David Cameron needs to start informal negotiations with other EU countries.

Elliot suggested that the UK will stay in EU for many months or even years.” However, he stressed that Cameron must do the will of the people of the country.

“In the Conservative party there are those who want the resignation of the Prime Minister. The vast majority wants him to remain in his place and executed the decision [on leaving the EU],” said Elliot.

The independence Party leader Farage, who conducted his own campaign for Brexit, priznal to the resignation of Cameron. “I think we Dolin was the Prime Minister, who supports Brexit”, he said.

According to the results of the final vote count for the output of Britain from the EU expressed 51,9% of the referendum participants. It’s more than 17.4 million people. Voted against Brexit 16.1 million persons (48.1 percent).

The formal results of the referendum were consultative in nature. However, even prior to Prime Minister David Cameron has promised that in case of a victory of supporters of Brexit, he will immediately begin negotiations for Britain’s withdrawal from the EU.