The pound fell to a 30-year low against the dollar

British pound sterling Friday morning, June 24, for the first time in 30 years fell below $1.35 on news that last Thursday the referendum on the British exit from the European Union, according to preliminary data, leading supporters of Brexit.

According to the 06:13 GMT, the pound depreciated by 9.4% and was trading at $1,3485. This course the last time was in 1985, according to Bloomberg.

In the course of trading, the pound fell to $1,347, but then rose slightly. According to the 06:23, it cost $1,3534. At its peak in the course of trading on Friday it rose to $1,502.

The yen Friday morning for a short time broke through the level of 100 yen for $1, reaching the highest level against the dollar for 2.5 years.