The territory near the national Park “Zavidovo” asked to transmit FSO

Near the national Park “Zavidovo” will be created buffer zone, says the draft decree, which was prepared by the Ministry of natural resources and environment and the Federal security service. The document is available on the portal of projects of normative legal acts. If it is approved, it is signed by the Minister Sergey Donskoy and the Director of the service Dmitry Kochnev, who on may 26 was succeeded by Yevgeny Murov.

State complex “Zavidovo” where is the residence of the “Rus” was created in 1992 by decree of President Boris Yeltsin. In 1996, for “Zavidovo”, which is located in 150 km from Moscow, was assigned the status of residence of head of state. In “Zavidovo” includes specially protected natural areas, military installations and support activities of the complex. The territory is administered by the FSO, and the funding of the complex is carried out at the expense of budget funds of the Federal security service. Area of 1254 sq. km.

In the summer of 2015 on the territory goskomles was created a national Park. The corresponding order was signed by Minister Donskoy and Evgeny Murov, who served as Director of the FSO. Then began the work on the draft order, which was promulgated on 23 June 2016.

The document proposes to create a security zone on the territory adjacent to the national Park land. In total it is about 245 sq km in Konakovo and Kalininsky districts of the Tver region and Volokolamsk, Lotoshinsky and Klin districts of the Moscow region.

“Buffer zone designed to prevent adverse anthropogenic impacts on the national Park and adjacent land and water bodies”, — stated in the project. Areas caught in this area will not be withdrawn from the owners and tenants.

This territory will be prohibited from any activity that may harm nature, including mineral exploration, the disposal of radioactive, chemical and explosives” and “harvesting, collection and destruction of moss. The security system will do the FSO. Thus, the total area that will be administered by the Ministry, will amount to nearly 1.5 thousand sq. km.

“We are talking about the buffer zone with less strict than in the national Park, protection, — said the head of the program on especially protected natural territories of Greenpeace Russia, Mikhail Kreindlin. We have a lot of reserves that do not have protected zones, and there their creation comes with a big Bang. It is clear that the Zavidovo just more lobbying power to form such a zone.”

To determine the boundaries of the buffer zone was put out to tender. As follows from the documents published on the portal of public procurement, the initial cost of the work amounted to 3.6 mln, but the FSO was able to save by signing a contract with the Moscow company “Almaks-geo”, which is proposed to determine the coordinates of the territory for 2.1 million rubles.

In 2015, the company entered into 11 contracts in the amount of 49.7 million rubles, and in 2016 — 3 contract for 900 thousand rubles, follows from the data “SPARK-Interfax”. Its customers include the Department of city property of Moscow and the Moscow Directorate of garage construction.