UK residents voted to secede from the European Union

In Britain, the eurosceptics have won the referendum for the country’s exit from the EU. After counting the majority of votes of the supporters of Brexit has gained 51,8% of the votes.

Despite the fact that the final count is not yet complete, according to reports over the withdrawal of Britain from the EU has already supported more than 16.7 million people. This is enough to summarize the results of the referendum.

Supporters of Brexit was in the lead already after half the counting of votes. For withdrawal from the EU expressed the majority of residents of England and Wales, against Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Data coming from Britain, had a significant effect on the global stock exchanges and the currency markets. So, the pound collapsed to its lowest level in thirty years. The British currency to the dollar at the minimum has fallen by more than 11%. The Euro fell against the U.S. currency more than 3.7%.

Asian indices started to decline on news the advantage of supporters of Brexit. Japan’s NIKKEI 225 lost of 3.05%, Hong Kong Hang Seng – 3.33%, the SSE Comp of 1.21%.

According to the forecast of financial analysts, the European platform at the opening will lose 6-7,5%, writes Reuters. We are talking about the British FTSE 100 index, German DAX and French CAC.

World oil prices on Friday morning were down more than 6%. Brent became cheaper throughout the night as more data about the leadership of skeptics. 7:56 MSK barrel of Brent brand was trading at $47 and 97 (is 5.77%).