Western business announced the beginning of a “period of uncertainty” after Brexit

Victory in yesterday’s referendum, supporters of a British exit from the EU (Brexit) means the beginning of a “period of uncertainty”, which may last several years, fear polled by Reuters representatives of major European businesses.

“This decision will create great uncertainty, which will slow economic activity and decision-making,” warns the head of the British communication holding WPP Martin Sorrell.

In turn, the head of the German engineering Association VDMA Thilo brodtmann Executive noted that Brexit would undermine investor confidence in Europe as a whole. And according to the head of the German industrial Federation of Marcus Kerber, in the next few months trade with Britain will experience a decline, which will affect a number of industries — from automotive and energy to financial sector.

At the same time, the financial experts expect to survive Brexit without serious loss. In particular, the head of Goldman Sachs Lloyd Blankfein said that his company over many years of existence, has learned to adapt to change. In the French group Societe Generale and the Italian Bank Unicredit are confident that London will in any case retain the status of an international financial centre.

“A mass Exodus of banks and other financial institutions will not. However, the government should make efforts to keep Britain access to the single market,” said mark Hurt, a representative of the Corporation of the city of London, where the headquarters of many banks and insurance companies in the world.

The owners of British Airways admitted that they expect a decline in revenue this year, but expressed confidence that the long-term adverse effect on their business Brexit will not have. In the budget Norwegian Air assured that the development of operations on the British market will remain one of the priorities of the company.

“Currently, we do not expect any significant impact [Brexit] on BP’s business, its investment in the UK or continental Europe, the location of our headquarters or staff,” — said in a statement, BP.

In the European division of General Motors, which, in particular, belongs to the British Vauxhall plant in Luton, said that under present conditions the most important condition for the normal development of the business is the free movement of goods and people. At the same time, BMW has indicated that it is impossible to predict how it will change working conditions on the British market.

“I hope that the divorce will take place so as to minimize the losses of all involved in Brexit sides. Britain will suffer, but I’m sure it is now even more concentrated enhancing the competitiveness of its economy”, — said the head of Airbus Tom Enders.

Telecom holding, Vodafone is hard to say exactly how the outcome of the referendum will affect the company’s business. But the founder and head of the largest UK network of pubs Wetherspoon Tim Martin is full of optimism. “Concern about the economic consequences of independence inappropriate. Britain is to develop as an independent state, to make their own laws and to work together with our good friends and neighbors from Europe or from anywhere else to ensure a positive outcome for all,” — said Martin.