Erdogan accused the EU of “Islamophobia” after Brexit

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in a televised address to the nation on the evening of 24 June prokomentiroval Brexit and predicted a further withdrawal from the European Union if the EU continues internal contradictions. According to him, Turkey is experiencing “Islamophobia” on the part of the European Union, and the Union professes double standards, according to Reuters.

“Currently, Turkish Turkish practiced Islamophobia, so they are delaying our entry [into the EU],” said Erdogan.

According to the President of Turkey, if the EU gets to go on the old way and it will increase the internal contradictions “within a short time [the EU] will face vyhodom new countries”.

According to Reuters, the Turkish Minister for EU Affairs ömer çelik has cachesaver that the British campaign [leaving the EU] has been marred by Islamophobia and anti-Turkish sentiment that has fueled politics.

“It was a disturbing process … in which the basic policy is too often relied on the ultra-right litrico,” — said at a press conference, çelik.