Governor White was charged with receiving a bribe of €400 thousand

The Governor of the Kirov region Nikita Belykh was charged with receiving a bribe in especially large amount (part 6, item 290 of the criminal code). This is stated in the message of Investigatory Committee of Russia, arrived in . This article provides punishment from 8 till 15 years of imprisonment.

The head of region suspected to be in person and through a mediator received a bribe in especially large size for a total amount of €400 million (24.1 million rubles.). In exchange, White had to take action in favor of the briber and its controlled JSC “Novovyatskiy ski works” and LLC “Forest management company”, according to investigators.

Also in the message of SK it is said that he received a bribe “for the General patronage and connivance in the service in the implementation of the government of the Kirov region in monitoring the progress of implementation of investment projects by companies and business activities in the territory of the Kirov region”.

The Governor was arrested the day before, on June 24. in one of the restaurants in Moscow. Later the Investigative Committee has published photos of the detention, which is itself White and bundles of marked money.

Commenting on the arrest, the official representative of Committee Vladimir Markin said that “corruption-related crimes is not a political colour”. “To paraphrase a famous expression — “a Bribe does not smell… but sometimes glowing. Bribe it and Africa a bribe,” he concluded.

After his arrest in the administration of the Kirov region were searched. White himself does not admit his guilt. Today, June 25, it became known that the interests of the accused in court will be represented by the lawyer of the family of Boris Nemtsov Vadim Prokhorov.

Nikita Belykh is Governor of the Kirov region since December 2008.