Snowden urged not to sign anti-terrorism package” Irina Spring

In his twitter has been granted asylum in Russia, a former employee of the national security Agency Snowden has called the amendments “unworkable and unjustified violation of human rights.” In his opinion, the bill, which he called a “Big brother” (by analogy with the system of mass surveillance described in George Orwell’s “1984”), “should never be signed”.

The requirement for Telecom operators and Internet companies to store text messages to their conversations, but also images, sounds, video, other communications, up to six months. Snowden called “not just dangerous, but impractical”.

“Mass surveillance does not work. The bill will take away money and freedom of every Russian, with the security level will not grow,” – said Snowden.

Amendments developed by the MP Irina Yarovaya and Senator Viktor Ozerov. Was adopted by the State Duma on 24 June. According to them, the data that will be obliged to store operators and Internet companies, should be provided to law enforcement agencies without a court order.

The expert Council under the government of its opinion on the bill indicated that data storage will have to create a new system of storage and processing. Operators “the big three”, its estimated one-time construction costs of data centers by 50 billion rubles each.

Amendments to the “anti-terrorist” package require “organizers of information distribution on the Internet” to decode all encrypted messages. The failure to pass the FSB “keys” to the encrypted traffic of Internet companies face a fine from 800 thousand to 1 million rubles Internet-companies under threat of penalty to 40 thousand rubles will be required to use only certified in Russia the means of encoding and encryption.