Estonia encouraged to establish “the lying policeman” on the border with Russia

In an interview with British newspaper The Sunday Times General Riho Terras said that NATO should send Russia “the most powerful signal that Moscow is aware of the willingness of NATO, if necessary, to apply article 5 of the NATO Charter, involving the aid of allies in case of attack from outside.

“Under Vladimir Putin Russia has clearly shown that she is capable and configured to use military force to achieve political goals,” said Terraces. “Nothing to do in this case is to invite trouble. If you leave space, someone will try to fill it”.

According to the terrace, NATO should establish “the lying policeman” with spikes to deter Russia.

Earlier, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Latvia Edgars rinkēvičs said that his country is not afraid of Russia, but have to be very careful. “There is a potential threat. Who could have imagined what eventually happened in Crimea and Ukraine? It seemed impossible”.

In the material the Sunday Times are the words of an unnamed diplomat from a European country, working in Moscow. According to him, the threat from Russia is far-fetched and necessary to the Alliance to justify new military expenditures”.

Last week the head of the NATO military Committee Peter Paul indicated that sending additional battalions to the border with Russia – rather a step towards political deterrence because, according to him, there is no evidence of training of the Russian invasion.