London called pressure requirement of Brussels to immediately begin withdrawal from the EU

According to the head of the foreign Ministry Velikobriatnii Philip Hammond, in London there is no obligation for an immediate start the procedure of exit from the EU, which is envisaged by article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, according to ITV.

However, as the Minister said, the EU leaders urged Britain to “immediately” begin the procedure. “We are already under pressure,” said Hammond, noting that Britain has no obligations in a specific time start the process of exit from the EU.

“As made clear by the Prime Minister [David Cameron], that decision will remain for the next Prime Minister,” added Hammond.

The head of the foreign Ministry stressed that he sees himself as the next head of government.

On June 24, after the announcement of a referendum on Brexit, the EU leaders in a joint statement urged the UK authorities as soon as possible to start the implementation of the decision on withdrawal from the EU. In Brussels found that not to prolong the uncertainty.

“We expect the United Kingdom government will begin to execute the decision of the British people as soon as possible, no matter how painful the process. Any delay only unnecessarily prolong the uncertainty,” said a statement from EU leaders.